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Here at Jet2 Virtual, we strive to give our pilots the best Infinite Flight experience possible. With a wonderful staff team and many eager pilots, you will be made to feel right at home straight away! We fly a realistic fleet to countless destinations all based on real life operations, giving that real airline experience!

How we fly

Learn more here about the different schemes pilots may participate in, and route types we fly.

About Us

Founded in May 2020, Jet2 Virtual is a virtual airline based on the real world airline Jet2. We strive to provide the homely holiday feeling many people will associate with flying. With a friendly community of pilots and a diverse, fun and challenging selection of routes and schemes to fly your way through, you'll certainly find something for you here. 

James - CEO

Hello my name is James Harvey I’m 17 and from England. I have been using Infinite Flight since 2014 and have accumulated over 11,000 flying hours on IF. I’m slowly working on my PPL and have been brought up in an aviation family so I would say I know a lot about it. I hope you enjoy being a part of Jet2 Virtual!


We have a simple but effective fleet, which provides a good, realistic experience for our pilots.


We operate out of 12 bases across the UK, and pilots can choose to start at any one.

Our official method of communication is Slack, and we catalogue our routes and log our PiReps using Airtable. 


You can also catch us on instagram at @jet2virtual.if

Rank Structutre

We have a ranking system within the VA that allows pilots to develop in stages.


We fly to countless holiday destinations across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. 

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