About Us

Founded in May 2020, Jet2 Virtual is a virtual airline based on the real world airline Jet2. We strive to provide the homely holiday feeling many people will associate with flying. With a friendly community of pilots and a diverse, fun and challenging selection of routes and schemes to fly your way through, you'll certainly find something for you here. 

Jack - CEO

Hi! I’m Jack, the CEO and founder of Jet2 Virtual. I’ve been playing infinite flight on and off since December of 2013 and have had a passion for all things aviation since I can remember. I’ve recently rekindled my love for this game and decided to combine it with my favourite airline to create the very same virtual airline you see right now. Please don't hesitate to get in touch, any questions you have, I'll do my best to answer them!

Our official method of communication is Slack, and we catalogue our routes and log our PiReps using Airtable. 


You can also catch us on instagram at @jet2virtual.if

Ready to take to the skies?

Apply now, and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly!

Important Notice: Jet2 Virtual is in no way linked to or affiliated with Jet2.com Limited. This is a virtual airline based in the flight simulator Infinite Flight, solely for entertainment and recreational purposes only. Furthermore, the use of the word Pilot anywhere on this website does not imply qualification or training anywhere in the real world.

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